"This fraternity will be different;
it will be based on the love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood."
- Carter Ashton Jenkins

The Pennsylvania Gamma chapter has a rich tradition of excellence at the University of Pittsburgh. The brothers of SigEp pride themselves on the strength and diversity of the brotherhood. Although there are a variety of interests, temperaments, and backgrounds amongst the brothers, here at Penn Gamma we develop bonds that go beyond our undergraduate years. These men are individuals that strive for greatness and form a collective that is much more meaningful than just a group of friends.

We were locally founded on December 12th, 1903 and were re-chartered on November 3rd, 1990. Ever since the re-chartering, we have emerged as a top fraternity on campus with 83 current brothers.


Core Values

Have virtue is to act with decency, always standing for honesty and integrity.
To be diligent is to make the most of your time and talents, in an unending pursuit of knowledge.
Brotherly Love
To show brotherly love is to care for others, holding them to a high standard. It is the truest form of friendship.
Social Responsibility
Commitment to the organization and accept his responsibility to participate.
Sound Body
More than just athletics—it’s total wellness, conditioning, and health. The Sound Body is ready and able, robust and nourished.
Sound Mind
Living a lifestyle that allows you to expand and challenge and the pursuit of scholastic excellence.